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No Arching Parts


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Same exact thing here.


Grouped up  with a friend to confirm it was a bug. He got the wings after the first extractor finished, I just got +100 cryaotic. I played with friends, played with pubs, relogged - all to no avail. It will not reward me with the parts, nor anything but cryaotic for that matter.


You're not alone in this issue.



I said I did something I had not. I did not try the game solo as I said.


This is in fact a bug, however here's the lowdown and a workaround. 


If you play the mission and you, yourself are not the host then you won't receive the rewards. What you want to do is the following:

1. Log out (can't be too safe).

2. Log back in and set your matchmaking to "solo".

3. Select the archwing mission on EGate and play through it. You will now receive the blueprints after each successful extractor.

4. Extract when satisfied, and log out again.

5. Build your parts (do not rush them, there have been reports of things going horribly wrong if you rush them.)

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