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Syndicates What Should I Choose



when i saw the youtube video of the syndicate entitled "expand your reputation" what should i choose but 1st, what i think of their appearance in the video


steel meridian- grineer with hoodie that looks like a master trader or an assassin(cool)

red veil- stalker-like with alot of markings(i want to be here ahhahaha...because stalker-like guys .-. )

the perrin sequence- looks like darvos dad...or brother for some reason ._.

new loka- cant say much 

cephalon suda- hope they dont have a glitch like ordis -.-

arbiters of hexis- volt with his alt helmet lol

THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF THEM....you are free to choose your own but i still dont know what i want to join(my bet now is red veil)

but the problem is red veil favour one of my frames-ash, while steel meridian favours mostly of my frame-frost,oberon,rhino and while the cephalon sude will favor my soon to get frame-limbo and another while(lol tired already?) the perrin sequence favor my valkyr...i dont know what to choose...can you help me lol well happy  resources hunting guys good luck 

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I picked the 3 on the right side. Because they give t4e and t4c keys. that I can easily rush solo

don't need any other rewards from syndicates

mods is only for collection purposes, never going to use them.

what are those 3...i also want t3-t4 hence they are hard to get...name of those syndicate good sir *removes top hat*

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Arbiters and Cephalon are the natural choices.  Arbiters gives energy restore (see: late game) And survivals (see: core farm).  Cephalon gives shield restore and MD.

Cephalon has banshee, nova, and vaubaun.

Arbiters has loki, nyx, excalibur.


Definitely go all the way with arbiters while signed up for cephalon for dat efficiency.

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