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Losing Mastery Every Mission.


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I don't know if it's just a problem with the new profile screen, as the bar by my picture in-game seems to stay where I remember it being before today.

If this keeps up, though, my profile may freak out and claim I'm Rank 16 again in a couple of missions. :P

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One of the hotfixes claims to have fixed something like this problem, but I'm losing Mastery every few missions too, and it seems impossible to actually reach the amount needed to rank up any more.


So I've been looking at my profile to see how much Mastery I need to qualify for the next rank's test, and I've been writing down the new amount it claims I have after every mission.


After mission 1 I had 40,784 mastery;

After mission 2: 45,814

Mission 3: 69,240

Mission 4: 51,896

Mission 5: 60,310

Mission 6: 66,848

Mission 7: 56,646

Mission 8: 46,102


I did one or two multiplayer Invasion missions on Venus around the beginning, but the last 4 at least were all solo Sabotage or Extermination on Sedna.


I took a few screenshots to check that the little bar in the top-left grows after a mission, and it's acting strangely.


It grew after the first few missions when the Mastery total was increasing, but I compared it again after missions 7 and 8 when the total fell drastically, and the bar hadn't moved at all even though the profile said it'd deducted over 10k after mission 8.


Turns out the blue bar seems fine at the moment, and I was just misunderstanding how XP is gained.


And of course the new profile UI also insists that I need 0 more Mastery to rank up to Novice.

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