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Odonata Wings



I've been doing the Archwing quest. I did the sabotage, then moved on to the extraction mission, and I can only get Odonata Wing blueprints from the mission. There are no other quest missions popping up, and I've run the mission several times and have accumulated about 7 Wing bps and no others. What am I doing wrong?

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They all showed up in my mission rewards window the first time I did the excavation quest, but apparently I didn't get them.  Now my quest simply says to build the Odonata at the forge.  I've done the mission 4 more times but none of the parts showed up in the window at all.


Is this normal?  Should I just continue to run the mission?


EDIT:  Never mind, I didn't realize that I had to craft each piece before crafting the whole.  :p

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