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I Am Not Gaining Completion Credit For Multiple Invasion Missions.


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Mars Ares Invasion 3/5, no matter how many times I complete it and even if I do decide to complete on Corpus over Grineer I do not get any credit beyond this to meet the 5/5 completions.


I also have a problem with Venus Vesper Infestation mission, no matter how many times I complete the mission it still says 0/3 completions and does not give me any completions at all. Something is wrong with invasion missions.

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I have the same problem too and it happens for alert missions as well. I do the alert mission and get the exp/ loot. However i dont get the bonus reward/ credits and the alert mission remains in my navigation. I tired repeating it 2 more times and once more solo but still did not get the alert reward.


So far i have tried:

Restarting the game

Restarting my computer

Re-installing the game


but the problem still persists

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