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Archwing Not Giving Blueprints After Drill Completion


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I've started the Archwing quest and completed the archive mission. I began the excavation mission to find every time a drill completed, all we got was 100 Cryotic, no blueprints of any kind. Since that I've run the mission about 5 times, with different squads:


Fist try: Clan member and myself - no blueprints (my clan member had already obtained all the BPs at the time)

Second try: Solo mission - failed mission due to lack of manpower to protect drill

Third try: Public group - completed the mission and got multiple copies of the systems and harness BPs

Fourth try: Public group - no BPs of an kind, only Cryotic

Fifth try: Public group - no BPs of any kind, only Cryotic


I don't know if it's only me and I affect every group I join or if it's just a random bug

I tried restarting my computer with no luck


Please help as I don't enjoy wasting time on these missions and I'd like to experience Archwing along with everyone else

Thanks in advance 

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