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So it seems like you guys haven't figured out how you want to run your matchmaking techniques judging from the changes to it every week. What you geniuses didn't realize is that you almost had it right last time. ypu had squad counts on every mode to let us know if someone was playing. Then we could accept the mission and it would put us in a lobby if it was available. That was awesome. It helped all of us find games and made it to where WE CAN ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME WHEN WE WERE ON. Now most my time is spent trying to find a match because most everyone is playing destiny. So that was working so well and you got rid of it, which didn't surprise me because the developers are obviously not gamers, they are business men and women. See you guys know you have a problem with ppl entering a lobby and the game just starting, but you got rid of the wrong thing.

This is how YOU NEED to run your matchmaking

Just like before, have every nose have a squad count, then if I select a mission and there are ppl waiting to start the same mission, our lobbies would join. Wow! Super easy! All you guys have to do to stop the problem of games starting once two people join a lobby is... TAKE OUT THE CODE THAT MAKES THAT HAPPEN!!! Wow so easy!!! Seriously, making games is not this difficult especially when you have ppl on here telling you the infinite number of problems with this beta. I am already on the verge of never playing this because I get locked up and have to restarty game every two hrs when I'm just sitting at the nav menu, or the countless times games have just ended and failed after 45 mins of playing, and how the game is made specifically to extract the most amount of money from your players rather than making more efforts to make sure we aren't constantly being screwed over by your servers and code writers.

So seriously, fix the matchmaking. I shouldn't have to stalk the chat boards to find a squad just so I can play the game. Make it to where it's not a nightmare to play alone, because yes, you have designed this game to where it's nearly impossible to play alone. So start setting it up so its easier for the players, the people that pay your salaries, to enjoy the game. Because the idea and the game types and weapons, all that stuff has me hooked. But I will only watch so much blatant ignorance and greediness before I uninstall this game and give my money to destiny.

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Try to calm down before you post comments like this. Attacking the developers won't help you out. While it is true that matchmaking does need a little bit of alteration, try to give helpful feedback. DE are one of the few developers who actively read through the forums and listen to feedback, although right now they will have there hands full with U15. Hopefully we will see an improvement for matchmaking in the future, but we have to wait. Like the saying goes soon™.

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