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The Camera Got To Close To Mah Butt


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I was playing some corpus missions, and i got either a face full of yellow, or just an extreme close up of my butt. no idea what caused it, or how to reproduce it, but i figured someone on de's end would know





close up of booty


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Same thing happened to me just now. Extremely annoying as I couldn't see anything through the haze and kept bumping around on ledges and corners because I could see ahead of me properly. >_<


EDIT: Happens to me again every other mission now. Not sure if it matters but both times someone else was hosting and they reported that they never experienced it. One mission it's fine, the next is messed up, then fine again and the next one is messed up.


Basically it seems that instead of zooming you out, it keeps the viewpoint as if you're on a regular mission. But with the giant wings and glaring lights it fills up half your screen and causes you to bump into everything.



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