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Missions, Squads, And Hosts...


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Welp...just got trolled again by a guy who has nothing better to do than to spam START TIMER as soon as he sees it...while equipped with a level 1 excalibur, sending a very underpowered duo to freeze their butts off in Venus.


Or by the guy with the maxed Rhino Prime, who has the good sense to drop out as soon as the mission starts.


Or by the guy with the Hydroid, who figures he could've solo'd it even though he said he'd "help".




Yeah, as quests are starting to amount up, I'm noticing that people are getting themselves off by trolling others who need help with them (because new players always want to be up to speed, and spending hours upon hours grinding for plastids or neurodes or oxium or whatever just bores them into leaving).  So, I was thinking...


Maybe the squad system could have a slight tweak with Public missions?  For example, a "Start Mission as Host" option or a "Join Squad" option?  If a quest exists on a node, these options could be present to allow ease of use until DE figures something out in the meantime as to how quest rewards should be distributed.


Or is there something wrong with this idea for quest nodes?

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Upon a second look, this might lead to people wanting more out of squad control, and they might end up asking for a "leader" system like Spiral Knights has, where you can kick if you're the host.  I've already been part of that community for over 3 years, and yeah...I've seen hundreds of uncool elitist kicks.  e.e


Yeah, if Warframe ever gets to that point, we're screwed.

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