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Warframe Dubstep (Update Post)


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Preview of how song sounded before this week.




Sorry I'm having trouble with embing two videos at the same time.


Hello, it's been awhile.


It's me, Tactical Nuke Music, here with a snippet of what I've been trying to work on lately.


This is a preview of Councilor Vay Hek dubstep. I apologize for S#&$ sound quality and such, its a very rough draft. If you don't really like it, well to be honest me neither. It is a work in progress, therefor it's subjected to change. I'm pretty sure I will change it quite a bit so don't expect the drop to stick. In fact, the drop was different for a few months until this week. I decided to change it because it needed more variety. It still does, and I plan on changing it more.


What have I been doing and where have I been for the past 6 or so months?


For awhile, I thought everyone had forgotten about me. On soundcloud, my daily play count has went back to normal, and all my other tracks get likes and comments once a week or so. But I was recently told from a buddy of mine who plays Warframe that they still occasionally play my music in prime time which reminded me "Oh yeah I did make Warframe dubstep didn't I?"


Also, to be honest I haven't been working on Warframe music at all in my absence. In fact, I haven't worked on music or played Warframe in a very long time. To be very honest, I haven't played Warframe since around update 14.2 or so. I had missed out on so much... Like I had no idea that there was a Nyx Prime... or about Gate Crash or any other event that happened between U14.2 and U15.


Why don't I have time to work on music, you ask? Well I'm a freshman in college now. S#&$ is getting really real. I ain't got free time for much, and the very little I do have I might go out somewhere with friends or study up on school and such. And some other stressful life S#&$ is going on too-

but we're not gonna talk about that.


Not only have I not released or worked on Warframe music, I haven't released music lately in general. The reason why is because I am fully aware that there are still some faults in my music. Something that is important in music is that all the sounds are in it's correct place, so everything sounds good together and fits, if you understand what I mean. This process is called "mixing and mastering". I am lacking in that field, and I swore myself I won't release another track until I practice up on that and get good at it. I haven't worked on music in awhile, so i certainly haven't practiced up on it.


So in conclusion, will there be another Warframe EP Part 2? Or at least another track?

Well yes another track definitely. Councilor Vay Hek will be the first out whenever I finish it.

But as far as making more? I can't promise that. To be honest, I can barely promise Vay Hek-step. College is life atm, and my music needs work. So It might be another half a year before I release this bad boy.


Anyways, that's all I wanted to say. I'm still alive, still playing Warframe, and still making music.



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