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Very Happy With New Abilities!


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So this is working out really well so far. I *do* feel like my abilities are incredibly weak, which is bad (especially after you spent plats for Trinity Frame for U15 maximum phun times). Although I'm enjoying the progression and am very excited to see what she has to offer at level 30. I think the developers made an essential and great choice for Warframes gameplay reward system. Although I think it suffers from your UI. The screen should be generally as clear as possible as you're running around but when it comes to, even the end game lobbies "EXIT" button, to the full buttony loadout page these buttons should stand out much more. This way checking out that ability button in the loadout (which a handful of people I've met can't find it (lol)) is a much more common experience.

I'm very keen to see you add on top of this. Perhaps having this warframe ability "override" system with a syndicate mod archetype model (maybe it only works after you upgrade) ... After reaching max level you can apply forma to upgraded ability to also give some kind of passive BUFF relevant to how the ability works, similar to how "BAD &#! RANKS" work on Borderlands, allowing us options to create our own unique Warframe in a very minor way (%1 reload speed first one, 0.8% next, blah blah) essentially breaking that strict build stereotype even further, which is something Warframe can boast for its players. Why not give my energy vampire an active buff of ... reload speed / fire rate / etc of maybe 8% after grinding for a LONG time and dumping ~20 forma into it, ESSENTIALLY ALLOWING US INFINITE CONTENT FROM LEVELING ABILITIES; the same kind of "try this unique build for infinite content" gameplay Borderlands also tries to fulfil (just for an example). 

Mostly though I just want to say thank you for this change because it was a creative solution for several areas that had minor issues before.

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