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De Stop Ruining Pvp


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1. Parkour was BUFFED on all 'frames.

2. What are you talking about?

1) Parkour was nerfed to the ground in conclave as of Update 14 and was then slightly rebuffed.  Even now, if you watch a video from before update 14 parkour in conclave versus after, the difference is unmistakable.   Don't get me wrong, I'm not being sassy or angry, I'm simply stating the facts.


2) He simply thought they nerfed her in conclave to put her on par with every other frame... Rebecca clarified (not so formally) that it is just a bug with the warframe.


EDIT: Also, Rubber, that isn't a good title for a thread.  I suggest editing the title simply to allow for more conversation.  (Click edit and "use full editor", should let you change thread title).

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