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Can't Start Any Missions, Keeps Crashing (Even On Solo)


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Since U15 has been available I have not been able to play it. This is frustrating as hell, here are my specs and the details of the problem.


Windows XP Pro

Core 2 Duo 3Mhz

NVidia GeForge GTX 660


I have also tried Direct x 9, 10 and 11 with same result


I have also verified and optimized my download cache with no luck



I can log into the game fine but when I start a mission (any mission) this includes going into my dojo the game just hangs and eventually crashes and sometimes restarts my pc.


This seems to be a 32Bit problem as I tried this on my other windows xp pc and it has the same problem but my friend's laptop which runs windows 7 64Bit works fine on it.



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Well it seems i am not alone, i can't get nowhere outside my ship without crashing.

Currently using Limbo, Opticor,Halikar,lato prime.


My rig AMD 8 core cpu @3.78GHZ

R9 280x graphics card with 3GB Vram

and 16GB ram

Windows 7 professional 64 bit

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Same. I was write about yesterday and today no changes, can't play the game. It may be some connection problems, but not from my side(I read some posts at forum but it not help me) , I was trying without any firewalls and all the same. I can log into game but when I start a mission(any) the loading screen apears,  few second animation and then it just stuck( sometimes black screen or game just shut down) and I can't send any crash logs. One time it somehow load the mission(not the quest and solo) and the game stuck(crash, freeze) after 2 mins after I apear there.

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