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Liset: Yellow Overlay Of Death


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# Geforce Driver version: 344.48 & 344.11 (( The bug appeared with the old drivers, then I updated, but it stayed the same ))

# used "Verify" and "Optimize" options in launcher.


My Liset works perfectly fine upon logging in. But once I turn more than 120° around to the rear part of the ship, the following overlay happens;



When I start walking down towards, not only does the overlay display more crap, but parts of the ship interior are also yellow and massive FPS drops occur;



Going into my Arsenal does not render my frame because it has been atomized in a yellow beam of light... which is wrong, because we know this is just appearing due to the stupid transparent black overlay on the left and right which nobody asked for. So normally this would be a flat yellow surface;



Pressing escape even yellow-y-fies Mirage, since there is this strange effect's overlay on the model that is supposed to be a nice looking lens flare... which is there to no avail, to be honest, but it might be the explanation why the Warframe is yellow;


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I thought I'd post it here first before bothering support, since there is the possibility that this is related to the updated material map rendering they mentioned in the patchnotes, and they might have already a solution for that in the pipeline :)

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The game has become impossible to reasonably navigate as of now, I cannot even guarantee to swap my extractors. I get errors from "Insufficient video memory" to "DirectX device creation failed" and have submitted a support ticket about that.


Any other game on my machine plays and renders without a single problem or without any performance loss.

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