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How Exactly Was The Forma'd Ability Slots Handled



Sitting over here in PS4 and really need to know if this was handled right. Did you lose any forma? Did you have to re-level the affected frames at all? Any info will help, a lot of veteran players are fearing this could kill the game for them as they have hundreds or thousands of hours put into building these frames out.

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People are overexagerating a lot. If you used your abilities the mod points gained alone cuts the amount of forma required for a similar build.


If you used 1 ability and put forma everywhere and dont want to lose them.. move them? Pretty sure they removed te first 2 slots. Dont quote me though. My empty ones were always at the end for me.


Move your polarities in the middle, safe bet.

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From my experience...


The two ability slots on the left side of the mod screen were removed. The two ability slots on the right side lost their "ability polarisation"


I had one of the right hand ability slots polarised on my Mirage, this polarisation remained. (No gain, loss or inconvenience.)


I had none of the left ability slots polarised, they just disappeared.



I would imagine that if I had polarised one of the left hand ability slots, I would have recieved a Forma when those slots were removed.

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OK so the first two abilities would be top left top right, but they removed both the left ones which would be first and third?

Edit: The big deal is if you had 20 frames with mass forma in each built specifically for certain things, then we're forced to dump 30-120 more levels into them to regain what you already had earned but lost due to an update.

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I agree and you would think DE could provide a clear example of what was going to occur so that you could retain or remove polarities as needed.  I mean this is the biggest change in the game in quite a long time and we still don't know how the script works.  There's even a recent post in the official thread that says two of the innate polarities were removed from a warframe.  I don't think DE even knows what the script did yet.

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