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Issue Involving Reloading And The "use" Command With A Controller


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I use an Xbox controller in order to play this game. Prior to Update 15, I had separate buttons mapped for reloading and for the "use" function (opening lockers, starting hacking, etc.). However, as of Update 15, the game seems to use the same button for these two commands. I can change which button that is, but I cannot separate the two.


On multiple occasions, this has caused problems. For example, I've accidentally popped a life support capsule when I meant to reload, and I've reloaded my weapon accidentally when I've tried to revive a teammate. It's a small problem, but it is bothersome nonetheless.


Both functions do work fine, they just cannot seem to separate. When looking at the customization options, it does show that the two are apparently meant to be mapped to the same button. However, it's never done that for me before, and in practice having the two be the same causes more harm than good.


In addition to this, I've also been experiencing the bug mentioned in the topic "Xbox Controller On PC - Powers Activation Button".


Ultimately, this bug is bothersome, but not game-breaking. I'd be perfectly fine with waiting for a fix while other, more important problems are being fixed.

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