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My Controller Problem And The New Archwing Update.



As the title says ive got a problem with my controller and the new archwing update.(it is an xbox 360 pad for pc's aswell) you see how I liked my set up was right trigger fired left trigger aimed and left bumper (the button above the left trigger just to be clear) activated my powers while the right bumper was  used to melee.


however with the new archwing update it switched all my controller key bindings around. now B the old reload is melee, the left bumper is roll instead of activating your powers and the right bumper is activate powers.


now all this would be totally ok for me except that I can't bind ability's to the left bumper. in fact when I click on the button to rebind the activate power button it makes the error noise and I can't do it.


the same also happens when I try to set gear hotkey 1 to pressing the right stick in. this used to work in update 14.


im also betting ill get offered these 2 bits of advice at some point. #1 "why don't you just play with the different settings?" well I have muscle memory of what buttons do what on my controller, and I don't want to re learn these new settings get this problem fixed somehow and have to re learn the old settings.


#2 "why don't you just use the key board and mouse?" that would take a lot of work setting up. first rebinding every single key and then setting my mouse's sensitivity and having to possibly change it  again for different games such as TF2.


so in short thanks for the idea's if you thought of them but no thanks and last of all thanks for any help I may get.

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Bumping this because I have exactly this same problem:

Why cant we bind gamepad buttons if we change them from default?

Why cant we unbind them?

Why are the X,A,Y,B buttons defaulted to the powers AND the jump, reload, change weapon and reload at the same time?


It's nonsense.

Updates should be to make the game better, not to screw it up.

Please fix this, it's very difficult to switch from gamepad to keyboard when you get used to it.


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Your original key bindings seem to be the exact same one's I'm used to. I somehow fixed mine. I believe that that sound and the inability to bind the abilities to the left bumper is due to that key not being able to dual bind like some others (And default bindings already have it assigned somewhere). I fixed Mine like this. I don't know if you'll try it, but you should definitely see if this works (I've only listed the one's that are crucial to my play style). Start with default, and then change only the one's listed here like this.


Jump - A Button


Fire Weapon - Right Trigger


Aim Weapon - Lleft Trigger


Toggle Crouch - Not Bound


Hold to Crouch - Right Stick Press (This allows you to slide when pressed in while sprinting but crouch if you press it while staying still and then move in the direction you want to crawl to)


Sprint/Roll - Left Stick Press (This kinda works like the Hold to crouch but for sprinting and rolling).


Sprint - Not Bound


Contact Action/Reload - X Button


Quick Melee - Right Bumper

Melee Attack - Right Bumper (If these two don't dual bind right away, keep trying. The first time I tried to assign these two both to Right Bumper it didn't go through, but when I tried again it worked so idk. I just did this all over again and I think the trick is to click and assign them both quickly one after the other)


Melee Block - Right Trigger


Melee Channel - Left Trigger


Switch Weapon - Y Button


Activate Selected Power - Left Bumper



And that's all the important ones really.  Oh, and about the Archwing Abilities, they still won't work even after your bindings are all fixed up. They need to make seperate controls for Archwing play I guess. Good Luck to you.

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