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Wts Arcane Helm - Prime Stuff - Rare Mods

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-Arcane Helm-


Rhino Thrak 75 pl.

Nyx Vespa 75 pl.

Nyx Menticide 75 pl.

Trinity Aura 75 pl.

Saryn Chlora 75 pl.

Saryn Hemlock 100 pl.

Excalibur Pendragon 100 pl.

Ember Backdraft 75 pl.


-Prime Stuff- (offer)

Boar Prime bp. x3

Braton Prime bp. x1

Akbronco Prime bp. x1

Ember Prime Chassis bp. x3

Ember Prime System bp. x1

Latron Prime Barrel x1

Latron Prime Stock x2

Orthos Prime Blade x1

Orthos Prime Handle x3

Orthos Prime bp. x1

Paris Prime String x2

Sicarus Prime Barrel x1


-Rare Mods-(offer)


Hammer Shot x1

Heavy Trauma x1

Hell's Chamber x1

Pistol Pestilence x1

Power Throw x1

Reflex Guard x1

Seeker x1

Shred x1

Split Chamber x1

Stabilizer x1

Seering Strike x2

Vigor x3

Vital Sense x1

Wildfire x2

Complete Cryptic Front Set Mod


Contact me here or on PSN nickname Lux_Infera. if I'm not online leave me a message, I will contact you asap


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