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Change To Limbo's Riftwalk


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I would like to suggest a change to Riftwalk that would give it great synergy with his Cataclysm:
If you are in Riftwalk and move into your Ctaclysm bubble it should move you back to the material plane instead of keeping you in the Rift.

I was honestly half expecting that to be the way it functioned from the start.
It kinda makes sense and it would provide a great tactic to use against infested or other close range enemies: drop cataclysm to shunt them all to the Rift and then use Riftwalk to shunt yourself back to the material to deal with the enemies not in your bubble while being able to ignore everything in the bubble as they stand around you trying to uselessly melee.

While it would offer the biggest advantage against infested, I can still see it being very useful around high damage targets in areas you don't have a lot of movement options.

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