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Fast Feedback: Opticor


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So I am loving the new plasma LAZOR CANNON.


540 satisfying pew pew shots for days... but its bugged.. quite bugged(New updates do this anyways) so i am posting the bugs i find with this bad boy here. Please post any other bugs found with the opticore here and perhaps some suggestions to round out this weapon


- Regardless of charge it deals the same damage.


- Quick meleeing causes the gun to get outof the Tennos hands and on to the Tenno's back even if it is equipped. Causing firing of the weapon to go through my Tenno.(A couple of weapons do this)


- rare occasions causes the UI HUD to freeze for it... Cannot recreate scenario easily though.


- Arsenal UI doe snot update fire rate when adding shred or Fury. number merely shines green but stays 0.3 firerate. no noticeable change in mission as well


Will post or update with more bugs as I or Other Tenno find them

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