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Hosting Issues & Needs Of Dedicated Servers


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Sad to say while archwing is a good update.  there are massive load time issues, and  we are in dire need of dedicated servers.


So from the time of installation of U12, I personally have had major lag issues just logging in game,  >_> if you lag on your ship with lowest settings then yea you know there is some issues..



Primarily  When hosting or on a team with other tenno, the lag of myself will spread regardless if hosting or not which is not a good thing. freeze times for frames up to 20mins maybe more turning a 45min mission to a hour or two just to obtain a artifact.




U12 should of been released after at least having some dedicated servers. Though i am not the only one experiencing such issues.  There are many other bugs and issues that have already would have  already been disused b in other topics but we are in dire need of dedicated serves at this rate.

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