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Opticor Game Crash Report


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Me and a friend of mine did some intensive testing with the Opticor to narrow out the crashing.

Here is what we found out.



Using the weapon excessively can cause the game to crash, especialy when killing an enemy with headshots.

The theory could be that when doing headshots and it causes a Gib Effect, the game crashes, possibly a script or code that goes ape.



Are others having similar problems or are you crashing differently? please post it here to let DE know this.


Also, please paste your WAR numbers here.


EDIT: Also, the crash number was WAR-341304

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For myself I kind of narrowed it down to firing a lot and hipfiring. I had crashes less often when I focused entirely on only using aimed shots. Might also have something to do with hitting objects, as there were a couple of instances where I hit an enemy through an object (Shields on shield lancers) and had a crash directly after. 

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I went to a defense mission and just ran around firing opticor without triggering first wave.

Fired up, down, all around, through some storage thingies, shot while walking, shot while falling, shot while spinning, shot far, shot near...

Went through probably 50 consecutive shots with opticor with no crash.

My guess is it has something to do with enemies.

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