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Anyone Else's Warframe Being Extremely Unstable After U15?


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   I said it, Warframe has been unstable lately. Extremely. It usually runs normally on this demi-godlike tank of a WinXP I'm using. (32 bit, got this comp from 2008)


•Planets arent fully loading in the navigation, only their text.

•The same goes for the mission, when I click on a planet, instead of the blue tabs, its just text.

•If I join any mission at all, it freezes at 100% for two minutes, then crashes. OR Warframe crashes at 20%. This is every mission that is not the Liset. 

•In the case I manage to get into the mission, the hud is missing some parts, like ammo, minimap, weapon name, and shield/hp numbers. (The bar is still okay.) But then I crash in two seconds.


   I've done malware scans and reinstalled to no use... Warframe has never done this before, and this is extremely odd of it. I dont currently have a screenshot to back any of this up, because the Steam's hud was also dead.


          GG, and happy bug hunting.


EDIT: Also, I'm not certain computer-ists are around, so I'll state here.. My comp can run Skyrim at medium graphics perfectly. :/ Dont blame my comp for this madness.

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yeah update 14.9 was more or less stable, playable and enjoyable u15 event if it brings lots of new and cool content is totally unplayable for some ppl heh at least you are one of few lucky guys that are able to login, personally i cant even see login screen anymore and after that my whole pc just freezes and i have no choice but do hard reset...

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