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About The Archwing Reticle Ui


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Hello all, 


This thread will be discussing about the Archwing reticle UI as of U15.0.3, and suggestions to improve on it. The content is below: 


As of U15.0.3, the UI of Archwing is as thus: 




Everything on the new Archwing UI looks fine and functional (at least for me, but some players could argue that the thin shield/health bar could be afforded to be slightly thicker, while others could also argue that it should be removed), but one small problem I have encountered with this UI is the reticle. As it can be seen, the dot is accompanied by two arrows pointing towards the dot. This may not be as bad if this UI were to be used on the ground (i.e.: Non-Archwing missions), but during Archwing missions, the dot is not really contrasting against the point of these two arrows (especially during fast flights, and bright areas), meaning players can sometimes aim using the lower or upper arrow for quite a bit of time before realising that it is not the actual reticle. 


Thus, to improve on this, my suggestion is to increase the contrast of the dot relative to the two arrows (for instance, by making it slightly larger, or having some sort of '3-D' effect [although that may end up being even worse], or maybe with a different, more contrasting colour), so that it would further help to indicate players that the reticle is there, especially during large dogfights and such. 


Please take the time to read this thread, and provide constructive criticism and feedback. 



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You're spot on with the up/down arrows. I think they should be changed into semi-circles, if anything, but then it would "break" with the flow of the remaining UI, so I'd honestly simply remove them ad make a more crosshair style target reticule. Plus, it hurts my eyes that the angle of the up/down arrows are not in line with the actual angles of the outward triangle. Neither are they parallel to the sides, nor are they pointing towards the appropriate corner (( mirror down as appropriate )). The next thing that disturbs me is the fact that those triangles above and below the dot are of odd pixel width, whereas the dot itself has an even pixel width, making the upper and lower triangle always slightly off.


Either way, it looks ugly currently. I'd much rather just have two horizontal, short lines if anything.


I think they're trying to experiment how important an indicator of your own health/shield is.

In my opinion, this shouldn't be a thing. Are people missing health/shield indicators in the regular missions? I don't know about others, but it is pretty obvious to me once I'm out of shield. Experience tell how much hits I can take from what level of enemies on either health or shield.


What I'd much rather see for the Archwing UI is getting Health/shield information of ENEMIES being displayed CLOSER to the reticule in a way that is similar as abstract as the current HP/SP are displayed for your own stuff. But even about that I'm feeling indifferent about.


Bolding the line by even only one pixel is going to make it a lot thicker to a degree where it might even be disturbing, despite the transparency levels, especially on dark backgrounds.


I do understand the idea of giving us an approximate feel with the tilt of the UI depending on how we're strafing but... it actually is unnecessary, considering we cannot "fly" loopings. We still have very solid directions according to the game design, thus showing an artificial "horizon" is not exactly necessary, and if, then the UI doesn't need to be fancily wrapped in a humongous triangle, no matter how transparent it is.

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Couldn't find any other thread going so awesomely straight to the point, so time to necro this one.

I have been playing quite a few archwing missions lately, and couldn't agree more that the aiming reticle is very missleading. I also agree that it's caused by the arrows above and below the actual aiming dot.

Hoping that this gets looked into in future patches.

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