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Aerial Melee Attack Feedback And Suggestion


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First if all:


it's pretty harm to aim with it but I think we'll just get used to it.


Pretty good damage , flows welll with the movement.



Only real gripe: it shouldn't be the same animation for aiming upwards and horizontally. it feels very odd to lung forward and end up in the ceiling when your character doesn't position his/her body accordingly


Aiming upwards should be a shoryuken / rising blade/ launching attack kind of move


yoshitora-shoryuken.gif For nikanas



deadpool_mugen_shoryuken_by_psychotic_gofor fist weapons in general 



For venka Wolverinetornadoclaw.gif( google tornado claw wolverine)


For galatine and axes: Rising edge from PSO2 for instace : 


I think this could be really awesome .



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In a sense, Nikanas already have that anti-air slice thing going on, although I thought of Haohmaru's Kogetsuzan instead. The E, Hold E combo in Decisive Judgement seems like the animation you have in mind (although it'd be going up instead of forward).


To be honest, I never really had a problem with the current animation. I feel as though that having a separate animation for straight up attacks would be kind of jarring or obnoxious to control (assuming they move any differently from the standard melee slash or have an arbitrary angle that they execute at).


Especially considering that people already seem to have issues with the ground slams being registered, or not, depending on the angle you're looking at the ground with. Adding another animation that could have arbitrary momentum changes might be a little cumbersome for most people to use, especially when triggering those different animations is dependent on a non-visible, arbitrary angle.


Also, having a different animation will entail that the attack will have a different hitbox too. As such, it might be even more annoying for some people to use because there's no guaranteed, dependable way to attack in the air if you basically have 1 of 2 attacks that you possibly do:


Basically aiming high i.e. shoryuken vs aiming mid, i.e. air slash or aiming mid vs aiming low: ground slam.


If each attack triggered through a different method, then it'll probably be a lot easier to deal with. Ground slams can currently be triggered by holding E in the air, although you do a small dash before actually executing the slam, sort of like a kara cancel. If the vertical air attack was done by pressing a different command, then it'd work out in my opinion (maybe Roll in the air, maybe double tap E in the air)?


tl;dr New animations are always neat, but I think implementing something like this would be a little unwieldy for some people. It'd probably be better if this were to be triggered with a different command, like Rolling in air. That way, there's no weird arbitrary angle for executing the attack we want.

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My thoughts so far on directional air melee attacks:


 Great  FANTASTIC mobility and super fun. It actually helps to close the gap against groud targets and you can launch your character to places quite fast. Had a blast with my Jat Kitty during tests.


However against flying enemies it is not that good. Its ok and much better than before, but still hard enough to hit them with melee weapons.

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Kinda ironic considering that's kind of it's main purpose :/

Extremely ironic.


It is a welcome addition to the game though. And the attacks are not all the same. Have you guys tried it with the Kestrel for instance? Pretty neat.

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