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Bug When In Archwing Mode! And Syndi-Bug


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1. don't let the infested take over an Archwing related map spot unless the Formorians or going to blow the ship up and have us do an epic boss battle. Because really I am doing a normal mission style on an Archwing local sorta gets my hopes up for more then just a simple exterm.


2. Attacking in the Archwings are fun don't get me wrong but in certain instances if an enemy spawns to close or somewhat in a object bigger then the Tenno well Meleeing only gets you stuck in said object. This happened a couple of times to me so please correct it.


3. Also while on topic of enemy spawns the some spawn in giant rocks what is that about? I know some enemies don't like moving much but spawning in rocks should not happen. And lets not forget that the enemy in big rock cannot be attacked, yet he can attack you with a flurry of bullets or lasers. why did this bug have to happen outside the normal play style?


4. Finally a problem I think may just be me but I cannot get any Syndicate missions what so ever. I tried doing random missions after joining. then I tried joining other syndis, but there was no avail.


Please My dear DE's fix these (what look to be simple) but very important problems.

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