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Limbo Quest Interception Bug!


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in the first stage of the limbo quest,the interception,there is a 6/10 chance for a node to spawn INSIDE an asteroid

AND everytime you try to capture ANY node,it will sometimes say "in conflict" even though there are no enemies near

(spammed 3 and 4 without hitting anything)

and  TOO OFTEN will enemies spawn INSIDE ASTEROIDS becoming very very hard to kill(only with abilities)


please fix this D: (i actually doubt anyone has even completed the first stage of the limbo quest)


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level 20-30 its also way too hard for the first mission on the set, which were forced to do with arch wings which have no level

i actually could manage to finish it,with archwing and weapons 13-16 and a team of 4 with the same or higher level of equipment

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