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Recognizing References


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So, the new update is riddled with references.


The Perrin sequence is a mathematical formula.


The archwing names are named for insect wings.


Freeze Force was an early hip-hop group.


Those are the ones that I noticed immediately.


What brand new as of U15 content references things?


EDIT: For clarity.

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What else? Oh geeze, half of the name's in game are references to something.

Well, yeah. Just, I was surprised by the "Freeze Force" mod, so now I'm wondering how many of the rest of  the new u15 content is a reference, and what to. I mean, there is a LOT of new content, and considering how obscure FF is(30 year old hip-hop band that never charted a record!), I imagine that most of us probably would get ~0 of these. So, what ones does anyone else actually know?

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The only thing I noticed is that the Corpus Vessel on Europa is named OBELASK which can translate into Obelisk. Possible reference there to something I don't know. And in the picture of the Limbo Theorem quest OBELASK is written next to Limbo.

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