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Archwing So Far


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This is my opinion on it thus far., A few disclamers I haven't played with the archwing a lot, and I do not have a lot of mods yet, so I do not have the full potential. (it is a bit of archwing enemies, archwing missions, and the archwing and weapon itself)


for now, not many players will have a battle ready archwing, which means That I have played mainly solo.


lets start with the archwing itself (I only own the odanata), for its defensive purposes it heavily relies on the frame, both the defensive mods he has equipped and the base stats of the frame themselves, a frame as loki will not fare well, because of his low stats, and he does not have any tricks to avoid enemy fire any better than other frames. so good choices are frames as zephyr, or other frames with high stats, valkyr seems to work as well. This makes many frames favoured above others, because there usual traits that make up for the lack of defensive capabilities are away.


the enemies: they attack in packs, this makes the battles very hectic (neither positive nor negative for now). they do have some pathfinding issues.


the weapons: I favor the melee while fighting, since it does more damage than the rifle, and it is easier in its use. It has a Zone of the Enders feeling (both in melee and the 3th ability). the rifle is lacking compared to the melee, this might be due to mods.

The thing is: you're fighting in space, I should think that range weapons are to be favoured over knuckle dusters.


The missions: the maps are huge, in exterminate that isn't a true issue, unless you miss an enemy.

but as in interception, you are traveling for a long time between those spots, and while even in solo it is manageable, it becomes annoying when you have to kill the remaining enemies which are scattered through the map often stuck behind a rock.


Alsp pathfinding for players themself can be hard, especially on the vertical axis. 


btw I still like the archwing

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Probably the most fun I've had in Warframe in quite some time.


However yeah there are definitely a few hitches. Luckily DE has already said they'll be working through the weekend to fix them.


Overall I somewhat agree with your post. However, since melee is just as risk v. reward as it is on foot, I'm okay with it being "stronger" than ranged. The default gun is practically a pea shooter, but it's just strong enough to keep the fights engaging.

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oh yeah melee, has one other advantage, if the enemy drops something you immediately have it, so for farming, and if you're using a lot of abilities or are playing rough, then melee has definite advantages, no roaming for mods, you have your energy quicker, and you get a lot more health orbs.


melee may be more risky, but you get a lot more red and blue orbs, because it can still be a hassle to pick those up.

(that is actually for me the main reason I guess.)

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