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Rescue Locks And Othe Frustrations.


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Yesterday, we had rotate 5 hexagons to open a door.

Today, earlier, we had rotate 9 hexagons to open a door.


Today - I had two - click all 8 nodes on a rapidly rotating spindle against time while people are shooting at you, and it undoes the work.


Unless I spend money making keys for doors, and bring them along with me.


Gee thanks. Way to turn something like Rescue missions into barrels of frustration. I'm already vaulting backwards off drops because parkour has changed, not performing stealth attacks right unless I'm directly behind them, and need other players to do them.


But then, this morning, for Hammer Shot - we have to run an Infested Orokin Ship with no shields, no gravity, and lasers and gas while level 30 Infected are hammering us - and then to get a unshielded hostage out, while our health is dropping rapidly.


Now, I'm Rank 10 with 10 level 30 Suits, but c'mon - if you've already locked solo players out of Orokin IV missions because of Vor (I can solo III), then don't you think putting this as a co-op mission with no warning is getting to the point of ridiculous?


Otherwise, I may just constantly run Rhino with Speed, Iron Skin and Foot of Doom - because it seems like there's no other way to play - unless you piggyback Mirage/Necros loot-a-thons.

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First, welcome to warframe, it sounds like you've been playing wrong if you're not playing as a 'master race'


And second....This just means you don't play against Grineer for rescue missions. you want to do Rescue missions now, play Corpus, and only Corpus. DE's Logic. 

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I mainline as Nyx, Mag Prime normally - crowdcontrol - but with a Dread that pumps out 6000+ damage :) [Also Rank 11 with me being here mostly from the start - I don't mind change, but it shouldn't be done like the original Infested Mutalisks gamebreakers]


It's not so much how hard things are - but the failings that take me down are due to the game working against me, rather than my own failings.


And adding a new locking mechanism without telling anyone, on a timed mission, is a slap in anyone's language.


Even the new Excavation missions mean that you're trying to protect weak installations from Corpus/Grineer with LOS weaponary, over flat terrain - where your weapons are locked down from range.



I've seen this nerf-creep on a number of games (Killing Floor, Ace of Spades, City of Heroes); and it just creates a two-tier player base: those willing to grind, and those willing to pay.


And neither create a community - just a lot more whining voices.

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