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Ceres Nightmare Defense Bugs (Constitution Mod Alert)


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I noticed the following bugs while running the alert:


1. Pod Movement:

After certain number of waves, the train carrying the pod moves. But the pod did not. It was just hanging in the air. 



And the train itself had another pod on it..which wasn't the objective of the mission..The enemies were only trying to destroy the hanging in the air one (above pod).



2. Enemy Spawn:

We noticed that whenever the above bug happens and pod is hanging in the air, the enemies spawn but they are stuck in their rooms. Unless we go an engage them, they don't leave the spawn rooms. If the train and pod are at normal position, they come out and attack us normally.


3. Weapon Switch:

I accidentally dropped my boltor prime (don't know how)..and when i picked it up..it was unranked boltor prime..We were able to switch weapons with each other by doing this..but eventually all of us ended up with unranked primaries (soma, boltor prime)..I am not sure if this is a new feature (to switch weapons within squad mates) but its so cool.. if only they don't become unranked and keep all of their characteristics when passed to others..



Ceres is definitely harder in U15. Nice buff to enemies :)

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