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Do Fire Rate/reload Speed Mods Affect Sentinel Weapons?



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just for the looks :)


it would feel more like a pet if it follows you the same way a hostage does, instead of floating on your shoulder...


on the other hand, would be cool if it changes the stats how it moves, the slower the pet, the stronger it is :)

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I can confirm Speed Trigger (+ rate of fire) works on my Wyrm. Sometimes when I stand on top of a crate during Infested missions, before I know it he's killed a lot of them himself, shooting almost constantly.


Not sure about Fast Hands (+ reload speed) though, as I have those on my main guns lol.

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Yeah it definately works, in fact ALL rifle mods work great on his laser rifle,
the only mods i dont equip on him are magazine size and max ammo, he only shoots a burst of about 5 or 6 lasers no matter what and he never runs out of ammo so neither of them appear to work on him

i reccomend Elec and Ice mods because with them equipped [even at low level mod] he stuns baddies and its perfect for a Melee fighter like my ash...he stuns em and i death blow em...the ole 'one two'!

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