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How To Earn Syndicate Reps?



Okay, I feel like a total idiot for asking this, but how do I evenly earn reputations for the syndicate? I barely joined, well, all of them to see if it does something, but it doesn't. I'm stuck as Neutral to all of them, no reputations, no earnings, etc.


Plus, I'm wanting to try and get Syndicate missions, so I wouldn't be stuck with going one sector of planets to another, when nothing is going on.

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Go to your warframe in the Arsenal > appearance > regalia > Sigil (front or back, doesn't matter) and equip the Sigil that represents whatever Syndicate you want to gain influence with. Then just run missions. I think that endless missions give influence based on how long you stayed, while other missions give influence based on some fixed amount. But i've not experimented.

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