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How To Farm Mutalist Ospreys?



So there's this new mod called Sinister Reach which increases beam range on rifles... I need it real bad.

I've looked around my codex and it's supposed to drop from Mutalist Ospreys.

So... what's the best place to farm them?

I've heard they can't be Desecrated, and Hive missions seem to have a lot of them. Only problem is those missions can be pretty tough, with kinda high levels and a crapton of enemies.

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Seeing as the Infested don't really have a home world besides Eris (and the Derelicts), I wouldn't think there's any permanent location to farm them reliably. They seem common enough in just about any Infested mission that isn't defense though (IIRC they don't spawn in defense missions because people complained about it).


And yes, they do spawn in aggravatingly large amounts during Hive missions, so if you have a team that may be the place to go.

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