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Orokin Derelict Defense Forced Push-Zones


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Is there a possibility removing these invisible push zones by DE, again?

It is definitly a turn of DE to minimize and decreasing farming, for sure.

They removed wallrunning-wallclimbing firstly and added the push-zones.

The the thing is, they are maneuvering a cheat into it - "Copter 2.0".

We are able to get up there again, standing up there, fighting up there, blah blah blah.

But the worst aspect is, getting knocked back by those inferno aura leaders.


So please, either remove these zones or decrease the spawn amount of the leaders to a maximum of 1.

It won't be so bad, if we would be knocked down, instead of knocked back with an heavy impact and being thrown through the hole map up to the roof!

I ended up being stuck at the uppest corner of an entrances, pretty sticked well to the roof and wasn't able to get down anymore.

Happy ending: Cryopod destroyed. Try to hit them from the farest point of the map. GG DE.

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