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Ordis, Calm Sown. I Assure You My Archwing Is Being Constructed.


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Like really. Does Ordis really need to freak out after I come back from every mission that I have all the parts, I should make my Archwing. 

He did this for the other quests too. But no. I have to listen to it until my friggin build time is over. For those of us that play long periods of time like this, I can assure you, it was old the second time it happened.


Ordis' lines need an if/then check before playing. 


Is XXX being constructed? Has player done XXX mission for XXX quest objective?


If yes, suspend return to liset messages for 3 hours. (just an idea, its not spammy, but its still there to remind you)


If no, play sound file.


and then as normal. 


edit: crap... misspelled the title. I assure you, calming sown is much better than calming down. Trust me cause science. 

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I love Ordis as a character, but really, after hearing him shriek "What are you WAITING for?" for maybe the tenth time I was ready to replace his voice synthesizer with a kazoo.

Yea I was ready to rip out his voice chip and flush it down the space toliet. But I did something better and turned his volume down.

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