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Limbo Chassis Mission


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The Limbo Chassis excevation is currently bugged ( only drops credit caches ) . I did the other 2 excevations and got both parts on the 3rd excevator, yet with this one I've done as high as 18 in a single match without any results, but what I did notice is that I'd always get 1,000 credit caches, and on the 3rd dig I'd get a 1,500 credit cache, so they might of replaced it by accident ?


Also, there's bad RNG and just plain simply bugs. This would be catagorized as a bug IMO.




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Angry rant because everything went wrong today...


Nvm i got, but i still need to farm argon now..

i just wanna sleep...



Anyway, for me it dropped at Digger 4, while like you said, the missions before they dropped at Digger 3.

Not sure if this is just a coincidence or if there's bugs involved..


or just plain old rng

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