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Fury (Fanfic)


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*Ember Log 612 Alpha*


Bunch of goddamn asshats. Holy hell, I work alone for hundreds of missions, and when i finally join a group (too many goddamn Rollers) and all I hear from them are comments about my &#!.


My @(*()$ &#!!


I cannot believe the @(*()$ nerve of some people.


I'll try again tomorrow, maybe get some people that aren't such pigs.


*Ember Log 612 Alpha End*


*Ember Log 613 Alpha*




I don't even know what to say. Four more missions today, none worth commenting on here since I left them all within two minutes.


Every. One.


Every one of them had a group where everyone went on about my &#!. I got so @(*()$ pissed that, before I left, I @(*()$ incinerated a shuttle. Don't know if a backup came, don't @(*()$ care.


I'm gonna go find Rhino. At least he doesn't look at my &#!, even if he just looks away.



*Ember Log 613 Alpha End*


*Ember Log 614 Alpha*


He's dead. I...

I feel responsible for this, almost. I think I was the last person he saw.


Did I do this?




*Ember Log 614 Alpha End*


*Ember Log 615 Alpha*


I feel better.


I didn't do that. Those guys did.


I think he cared for me. Maybe that's why the big guy was always so nervous around me.


And they killed him.


They were always around me, making comments. And he didn't want to be a part of that.


So he stayed away.


And now he's dead.


I'm going on another mission tomorrow.


*Ember Log 615 Alpha End*


*Ember Log 616 Alpha*


-Clink of metal on a table-


Four missions today, actually. This is good. The new helms will look good on my wall.


Need to wipe off the scorch marks, though. That won't do, except maybe on Ash.


Such a shame they all got burned to death on the missions. I'd have loved to help, but I'm just not good at dousing fires.


Much better at starting them.




*Ember Log 616 Alpha End*

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