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A Few Things


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First, I like many others, would like to see a list of stats for our weapons, probably on the screen where you add mods so you can see what the mods directly do to the weapons stats. And I mean detailed stats, damage, crit chance, crit damage, fire rate, ammo cap, clip size, recoil force, projectile speed, multi-fire chance( how many projectiles it actually adds), a break down of what adding elemental damage does. And more cause I'm probably not thinking of every thing. A stat and mod break down would also be great for warframes.


Second, I feel like the bolt weapons have a strong advantage over other guns with their natural armor pierce. I love the armor pierce and do not want the devs to nerf it at all, I would just like other guns to have their own way of really standing out like some of the other weapons already do. For instance, maybe the sniptron and lex could penetrate targets. or the braton and the burston could have an elemental damage type. or maybe one of the guns could have 50% multi-fire. I really think some of the weapons already make up for not having the armor pierce very very well, like the afurious, or the strun and gorgon. Most of the melee weapons already feature this kind of system. And I know that there would of course need to be balancing of weapon stats if element damage were added. I just really would like to see this as I want to use other guns, and find my self not pleased without have that lovely armor pierce. also I'm not sure if they thought that slowing down the projectile speed of the bolt weapons was a way to balance them against the others. but I don't think that it does.


Third and last. I would also like to see the type of warframe you are using directly affect how a weapon handles. Like the rino can swing big weapons faster and is less affected by recoil. while the loki would be the more affected by recoil and swing big weapons slower or something to that affect. and it doesn't need to be drastic, all weapons should be completely usable by all warframes, just something that is a little quirk to using certain weapons on certain frames.


Thanks, hope you guys like my ideas.





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-A dedicated stats page for all the weapons would be tremendously amazing, remember that much of the UI is merely a placeholder so we're likely to see something to that effect.


-I simply feel that the non-bolt weapons need to do more damage on headshot. Reward good aim while making them just as viable against Grineer.


-A 'Strength' system would add a bit too much complexity without much depth. The weapons being completely separate from the frames allow for quite a large volume of freedom. I know I won't ever consider using a Fragor on my Mag if she was debuffed for using it.

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