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My Only Issue With The Gameplay


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The effects. They are blinding and/or obfuscating.


Please note that for the following screenshots bloom and motion blur/dof is turned off.


The blinding




The obfuscating




Also, why does your screen need to flash/change colors when other people use their jump attack and other things near you?


I don't want to see this go away since I think they add something unique to the game but I'd like an option to specifically make the game do less of this without having to sacrifice graphical options.

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most of these things can be turned off. i think i turned my off some how cause i don't seem to get camera shake, but not played since a while after open beta. want my reset before i play


I think the stomp-shake radius and intensity was increased in 7.8.0; it seems worse than it was a week ago.

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