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Archwing Mode Impressions


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After playing most of the day in the new game mode here are some of my impressions from a single player perspective.

The feel of flight is quite nice, tho without the boost seem for me a little bit slow outside of the roll manouvers. Boosting "feels" nice, but the feeling is a bit underwhelmed with the distance covered. Seems like you should be able move much further with that feeling of speed.

Melee feels very powerfull and fun to charge into enemies. No objections to them aside from the two melee weapons not being different outside of 0.2 attack speed (unless thats a display bug in stats).
Ranged weapons on the other hand feel rather weak. Corvas just doesn't convey the power it should have with the damage it supposedly has and doesn't feel it's worth the time/platinum. Imperator on the other hand feels "ok", but just ok. Power-wise seems fine, but the sounds just don't feel right. From the bullet and gun size you would assume it packs high caliber rifle but sounds like a toned down sub-machine gun.

Combat seems quite entertaining, melee defenetly when you get up close with the dashes, ranged with Imperator feels quite nice (apart from the mentioned sound) but seems like bullets not always "registering hit" even tho the enemy was defenetly hit. Fighting with Corvas feels more like fighting with a weak shotgun than fighting with a powerfull missile launcher designed "for eliminating entire ships".
My other issue with combat is enemy targetting. Usually in game where you pilot a ship you get some HUD markers on the edges of the screen to indicate the direction enemies are. Here you get those markers when you got enemies on screen but once they are off your screen they are gone. That feels kinda confusing and introduce more chaos than it needs to. Some indication if you are being targeted by missiles would't be bad too (I'm sure you can fit some extra sensors into those fancy Warframes :) )

Grineer Interception:
As probably someone already mentioned it, the distance between the nodes is just too big. Epsecially if there's nothing to do inbetween moving to nodes. I had situations were enemies just speed right next to me to capture the next node while i was moving to the node they just captured. Not even Fireing a salvo of rockets/bullets was able to persuade them to fight me till they got into the node. They also seemed to move much faster than I could.

Grineer Extermination:
Even after the hotfix I was still getting "early extractions" and mission fails due to leaving mission zone. And that was when following the marker on mini-map. Mini-map defenetly needs a lot of improvment as you are being lead to extraction (maybe) from the very start while the enemies seems to be way off to the side. Apart from that and the already known bug of spawning inside asteroids this mission type seems fine. Not the grineer themselfs, but more on that later.

Corpus Sabotage:
Apart from the mini-map problems (not pointing the right way, or rather pointing where you need to go but not showing the right route in some cases) game mode is quite fun. I very much enjoy flying through corridors and energy fields (or whatever those are). One thing I did find was the big rooms with the moving horizontal bars (no idea how to describe them otherwise) that go up and down to have some serious clipping issues. I could fly and shoot (and be shot) though them as well as other scenery pieces.

Corpus Extermination:
Same as with sabotage (same problems/bugs) this seems to work fine and is quite fun.

Mission variety:
Grineer needs (in my oppinion) simillar game type to coprus sabotage where you can meet (and kill) more of them than just a wave based mission. Simmilary corpus can probably do with some extra nodes with waves for those that enjoy those game types.

Factions don't seem to be equal in threat. Grineer seems to be way more powerfull and reistant to damage than corpus. Their weaponry (rockets) is way more threatening than what corpus can blast you with. I can do quite fine in the top coprus mission (Neptune, 28-30) but trying to do grineer mid-to-high mission (Saturn, 17-19) I need to be prepared to use at least 1 resurect. Grineer weapons just seem to be way more devastating than what even top coprus units got. Later on, also, the enemies seem to be way bullet-spongy but that's tided to lack of mods. And this brings me to...

My biggest issue with missions is how unrewarding they are. Both in the drops department as well as end of mission rewards. The drought of mods that drop during missions is taking away quite of the fun. Another problem with mod drops is that most of the time if you are lucky enough to get a drop it's a fusion core. Going around doing 3 or more missions with no drops and when it finaly shows it's a basic fusion core is not really what I can rewarding. Also you barely get anything in those missions, no resources, no cash drops. Another problem that intensifes the mod draught is the lack of end-of-mission rewards. No mods, no resources, even interception seems to reward normal mods as opposed to Archwing ones.
One more problem that I see is that 6 (Tempered Blade, Hollowed Bullets, Electrified Barrel, Modified Munitions, Axuillary Power, Enhanced Durability)  mods seem to be transmute only. Don't particually like the idea of gambling for some "core" mods as some seem to be (Enhanced Durability seems like a hp mod, Electrified Barrel a lightning damage mod). Would be nice to see those in drop table.

And that about covers my day experience with the Archwing mode. Cheers for reading.

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