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A Few Cashe Questions



So, 1. Are the rewards you get the same no matter where you run? For example are derelect ones the same as T1 and T4 etc

2. has anyone got or know of a list of things you can gat from the first second and third ones?

3. Do the immortal skins actually drop? I've seen screnshots in mission but has anyone got one of them in the foundry to prove its not just a mismatched picture?

Thanks in advance and apologies for any spelling or formating problems, I'm currently writing on a tablet

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The rewards are random (resources, credits and junk) except for the prime part reward the 3rd cache sometimes drops, which will be exclusive to the key tier (T1, T2 etc).


Immortal skins? I call bullS#&$e. Pretty sure they do not drop at all

Try checking the wiki.

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