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Problems With Progress To Rank Up?


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If I remember correctly, if you level up a weapon/warframe you slowly gain points towards your mastery rank. 

Such as leveling up weapons add 100 and warframes add 200 per level up. Now, the wiki says you will not gain mastery rank points if you are releveling a weapon you've sold or polarize.

For me, however, I'm not gaining any mastery rank points when I level up my weapons/warframe now.

My Mirage, whom was at level 24, is now at level 29 and my mastery rank has not budged at all. To further test this, I purchased a mk1-bo, a weapon I've never used before, and ranked it. That too did not reward mastery rank points to me. Did the U15 break mastery rank points or did DE change the way we get mastery rank points?



I looked at my equipment profile and noticed my mirage is listed as level 24, while in reality the frame is 29.

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