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State Your Syndicates


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Just post the syndicates you are going too join and a few words on why your joining them also try not and comment on someone else on there reasons for joining a group too avoid a flame war


Red Veil When you are faced with this much rot you burn it out no mater how long it takes

Steel Meridian hey someone needs too help the colonies

Cephalon Suda After all this is over someone need too help rebuild and there the best group too do it

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New Loka - Humanity must be purified for there to be any true future!

other reasons for Loka - Earth, color green and valkyr mod XP


edit: Oh and only picking one cuz its gonna take a rediculously long time to get it to max rank 

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Arbiters of Hexis, because I want to unlock my true potential, to conquest the stars themselves, and go on a crusade across the galaxy, sending a message of truth and good fashion sense, with my brooding Tenno friends in hand, to discover our identities and potential. (They have the best sigils, they're so fabulous. ¬w¬ )

(Thank you, TheClinton, for making our fabulous propaganda thread.)


Cephalon Suda is an inadvertent by-product of being part of AoH. I dunno, these guys have nothing worth getting in terms of mods, and they don't appeal to me on a lore basis...I don't know, maybe the AI dude can help me fix the WiFi connection in my Liset so I can stream Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday evening.


Oh, and New Loka, because they have all of the mods for my weapons and Warframes. Practicalities.

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Hail the Veil.


The Meridian Steels Itself


There is only one way the system can be healed: war. Money from even the Sequence solves nothing, the knowledge of Suda cannot act, the Arbiters would reject what the Tenno have always been and the Loka are fools who think their peace can keep the violence at bay.


Only the Veil and Meridian understand that violence, conflict, war, are the only ways to clear the tyrants from the system and begin anew - just as the Tenno did in the past, so too shall we do here. Though there are no towers of golden-ivory, the Tenno will tear down every trace of Grineer and Corpus oppression and let the system heal itself from their putrid grasp.

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Cephalon Suda sounds like a pre-glitchy version of a certain insane AI I once knew. (No, not GLaDOS, before that.) And the quest for knowledge seems like a worthwhile cause.


And Arbiters of Hexus, because Tenno shall RULE THE UNIVERSE!

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Arbiters, because they kind of focus on achievement a higher sense of existence as Tenno (in a certain way). Plus, they seem to dislike "cleasing" genocides, indiscriminate bloodshed and elitist conceptions such as "pure breed humans". Plus, they are allied to the Cephalon Suda, who is only interested in knowledge per se, and that can never be a bad thing (quite the contrary actually).


I also sympathize with the Perrin Sequence, since they are the closest thing to Libertarians in the Warframe universe, a thing which I personally consider myself as being (in an economical way of speaking).


I detest the Red Veil and the New Loka for the reasons stated above and I do not mind the other Syndicates. 

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Tenno are more than just dumb killing machines.


Tenno can be so much more than just warriors doing as they are told.


The truth lies somewhere else.


We will restore Tenno to their former glory and prove that our strength is beyond imagination.


We will set rules that will govern the universe.


We are Arbiters of Hexis.



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My allegiance is only to the Red Veil.


The system is sick, corrupted.


The other Syndicates are consumed and distracted by their own selfish ambitions and desires. They are ignorant of the ever spreading and present corruption consuming the system.


We are not. We will sweep through with great vengeance and conviction, ridding the system of this plague.


No cost too great, no blood too precious.

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I've been fond of New Loka since it was introduced . Now i'm even more happy to be in New Loka as they have the " more interesting ability standings " for most of my go-to frames :


- Zephyr 's Divebomb Vortex

- Valkyr's Prolonged Paralysis

- Nyx's Pacifyig Bolts


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Perrin Sequence.


As the Templars fell, so will Hexis.

The Veil, living by the blade, will die by the blade.

Suda is powerless.

Steel Meridian, the liberators, will one day become oppressors.

Loka seeks to do the impossible.


But every soul seeks wealth - credits to fill his coffers, platinum with which to fulfill his every fancy...

Money, as ethereal as it is, will be all that remains.


You do understand this, no?

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