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Explanation Of New Ability Screen?







So, does anyone know what all of the info means on the right hand side of the abilities screen? 


Specifically, the 'unranked' and 'rank XX' numbers. I assume the bars signify how close you are to leveling up the ability.


Do the abilities rank up from using the abilities them selves over and over or from leveling the warframe itself?


Also, for duration mods like undertow, it it leveled by each individual cast or the amount of time the ability has been active?






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Warframe abilities are now tied to the level of the frame itself.  The rank numbers on either end of the bar tell you when you received your current rank and when you receive the next rank of the ability.  So you started with Tempest Barrage and get the next rank of it at Warframe rank 7.  Tidal Surge you got the first rank of at rank 3, with the next rank at 12, and Tentacle Swarm you have no ranks in and get the first rank at rank 10.


Since it's tied to warframe level, not casts, I think your last question is inapplicable.

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Unranked means when you first get your warframe ( or forma it ) when it's level 0 basically. Then it shows the next warframe rank you'll need to get to level up the ability. So no, abilities don't level up anymore from using it, but from leveling your warframe itself. Also look at the text below the abilities :l ( abit above the "exit" button ).


Anyone who says abilities level as you use them are stuck pre-update 15 and obviously didn't read the patch notes carefully enough *hinthint* ;).



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