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For Devs: About Scindo And Gram (Heavy Melee Weapons)


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Hi, well i want to say that all this new changes are great, maps, mods per frame, powers, etc. 


BUT ther's just one thing that ruined all the fun for me.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make the SCINDO and GRAM work like they did before, it was awesome and fun, i really enjoyed each kill, jumping from enemy to enemy, smashing them on the floor, slicing them one after another, and then make a super long jump to smash in the ground that last enemy that tried to get away. Every movement was great, but now its all ruined.


I can't even make a simple jump and smash the ground, cause i end flying like one or two meters from my position. Or making something like an uppercut hit whit the scindo or gram.


This new movements make me miss the enemy, I end flying or sliding meters behind the enemy, when im in front of him. I have fall out of the map because of this. For me is not fun anymore to use a heavy weapon, this kills the fun of using them. Please, make them work like before this last update.


Also the way they hold the scindo with one hand only, it looked badass while they run or just stand still, but now is not that cool. Also the Gram would be even better if they hold it with one hand like the scindo, before this changes.


I'm really a fan of the Scindo, so i hope you read this and decide to make the Scindo work like it did before, please.



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Are you saying the new air-attack is giving you issues? I can't say I've had any issues with it myself, works great. Tap to foward attack, hold to smash. It's slightly different, I admit. I used to use down-smash attacks to stick tricky landings. Now there is a very slight delay to smashing, but it can be predicted. It's just a matter of getting used to the new way things work.

As far as the new Scindo pose. Thats personal taste, I love the new one honestly.

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