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Time for me togive my contribution to the bug section.

1.) Being under and elevator while it is being called down, knocks you out of map.

2.) Switch teleporting bosses behind two white containers at the top of the stairs in the boss area allows for the player to trap boss.

3.) New bridge spanning above cravas in corpus map in cave, the inlet with a tree and sunlight lets you wall climb out of map.

4.) Sprinting then sliding allows you to pass through lazer doors if at the right time.

5.) Napalm grineer, and heavy grineer are immune to knock back if they are going to initiate a melee dispersion blast.

6.) Shockwave moa can float in midair while initiating its shockwave, and has a word animation.

7.) Ash has a super messed up blade storm sequence when in a small space, teleporting through walls and slashing at the air before returning to original spot.

8.) Mag can pull bosses of the map on the main boss map into the water.

9.) Saryn's alternate helmet doesn't add the effect it's supposed to.

10.) When shade cloaks his custom parts disappear while cloaked.

11.) When a warframe falls through terrain not meant to be walked on and gets back up the whole frame will be black.

12.) The boss that drops rhino partses freeze is glitch, freezing warframe a in midair, and often with no animations.

13.) All the boss rooms are the same asides for 2 or 3 I know this is t a glitch but it should change.

14.) Space ships layouts are used in the outpost map, I don't think that should happen.

15.) If using Bolton or Paris on a runner by it explodes, it will leave the arrows midair.

16.) Many guns when painted do not reflect the color selected, but instead a darker, much less vibrant color.

17.) This isn't a bug but Saryn's melee poison attack should render her poisonous to attack or be near. And she should be immune to knockdown, currently it's useless maxed.

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