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Higher Level Sigils


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This is a random question that occured to me while playing the new update, looks great btw, I was skeptical but they pulled one out of the hat (yes pun intended). So the higher level sigils in any Syndicate can cost upwards of 25K standing right? Are they purely cosmetic or do the higher level sigils yield more standing per favor/mission you do for your Syndicate. Again, I haven't played enough to unlock even the 5K sigil for Hexis, so I haven't had the ability to check, but anyone who has could you enlighten me?

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What I noticed so far.

It seems the lower conclave rating you have, the more points you get.

Maybe it simply has to do with the gear ranks. Whenever I'm running a mission with a max-rank gear, I always get less points.


One thing is for sure, it doesn't matter how well you do in the mission.

You can run in circles and still end up with the highest ammount of points.


And yes, as some already pointed out, more exp also means more points.

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