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Enemies Drop Weapons That You Can Take.


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I've just done 2 Interception missions and noticed that there were weapons on the map that I could take. 


Does this have something to do with the Sndicate I'm in or it's a bug?


Also the weapons were level 0, I've noticed that they were leveling up while i was using them, but did a bunch of damage, with every level the damage they did doubled or something.


P.S.:The weapons were the same as the ones I had equipped.

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The last one was the Interception on Phobos.


I got Angstrum twice and Dex Furis three times.


It started to happen just after I got promoted in the Syndicate and doing the syndicate missions.

Yup definitely a Doge Master. Look for his dogs then kill him and you get your weapons back. As well as your teammates.

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