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Do Sigils You Buy Get You More Ranking Points?



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it seems only expected for them to do so. i'd prefer if they were just optional Cosmetics though, and something else represented your tie to a Syndicate. something not Cosmetic. or atleast something like a badge, holograms that aren't directly part of your looks.



if they aren't going to have anything like more Rep gain for a Syndicate, they might as well either be unlockable cosmetic alternates to the original sigil, or just all be unlocked from the start as cosmetic alternatives to the original sigil.

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I've already proven it no. Your rep gain is 100% based on affinity earned and changing your sigil doesn't affect your affinity.


if you want to get more rep per hour, get an affinity booster.


Proven where? I've heard reports on both cases, and while it's proven to be tied to affinity, that doesn't mean that other sigils couldn't affect your reputation earnings. I would love to see any clear indication that you might have and with what sigils you've tested it. Not to be nitpicky, but because I've heard both sides and I prefer not to go by hearsay.


If it really doesn't effect reputation at all whatsoever, that's actually really disappointing. Affinity boosters are all fine and dandy, but I hate relying on them to be able to rank up Syndicates with any reasonable time.

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